Summer lovin'...

Sweater: Forever XXI, Shorts: H&M, Wedges: Candies, Bag: Target, Jewelry: Forever XXI, Avon, and Hand Crafted From The New Orlean's French Market

..or pretty close to it. I have given up all hopes of having even an inkling of a winter here in Baton Rouge, even though I still have a few sweaters mixed in my closet with my summer clothes. Was it really too much to ask to get to atleast 40 degrees? I guess so. I'm thinking this time next year I'll plan a trip to New York or Boston, whichever is colder and has more snow. But for now it's shorts and tank tops for me. Oh, and the occasional sweater. xx

PS - I may have went a little crazy the other night and cut my own bangs, but don't worry, they're not too short and they look okay. Better than okay even, if I could just figure out how to style them. Photos to come. <3

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